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The best way to break in a first pair of pointe shoes is to just wear them. We want your pointe shoes to last as long as possible, so just allow your shoes to soften and mold through wear so you can articulate your feet in the shoes more, and help strengthen and build up muscle.  Be patient.

​Pointe shoes are designed to soften, mold, and stretch to the shape of your foot. But the shoes have to be the correct fit to begin with. 

Demi pointes are a great transitioning shoe, and help condition and strengthen your feet ready for pointe shoes. 

Getting the correct fit is essential to preventing strain and potential injury.


When finding the best shoe for you, there are several elements we assess:

  • Foot shape

  • Width of foot

  • Profile height / arch prominence

  • Check for toe spacing

  • Toe curling

  • Sickling

  • Differences between left and right foot

  • Foot strength and flexibility

  • Core strength

  • Alignment and positioning of the foot in the shoe

Your pointe shoes should be snug and fitted to your foot shape and length. It's normal for there to be a light bit of pressure on the end of your big toe, but it shouldn't be painful. 

When fitting you for pointe shoes, we strive to find the shoes which are the most comfortable and most supportive. You should never feel like you're sitting in your pointe shoes, you should feel a sense of lift, as the shoes are supporting and holding your feet in the correct position.

To book a pointe shoe fitting appointment, please visit our Pointe Shoe Fitting services page for more information.

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